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All worlds are linked by small threads of energy. If you can find the threads, you can pull them together to make bridges. Just be prepared if someone on the other side decides to cross the bridge.” – Kidoban Saying

History of the Kidoban

When the Kidoban discovered the magical energies connecting worlds to one another, they immediately formed a unity to protect the peace and create peace using there advanced psionic powers to quell other races who had launched war after discovering the Gates.

They discovered some worlds had more links than others and immediately set up fortresses to protect these worlds and their growing Confederation. However, when their power was at its peak, they made contact with the Daekuma. The Daekuma had amassed an empire of similar power, through imperialism. The Daekuma set out to destroy the Kidoban, slowly the Kidoban were forced back to their fortress worlds as more and more of their confederacy was conquered. In an act of desperation, the Kidoban asked for the remaining civilizations to retreat to the bridge worlds. However, not understanding the mortal danger, many refused to leave their homes and livelihood. The Kidoban had no choice but to place a powerful spell on their bridge worlds to lock the threads and save what they could. They thought they were safe…

Main Page

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