The Daekuma are a psionic race that come from an unknown planet. They have amassed a large empire and growing army using their psionic powers to possess a conquered populace.


There are five normal levels of Daekuma in the empire depending on power and status in the government. In order from weakest to greatest, they are: imps, foliots, djinn, afrits, and marids. Daekuma of greater power have yet to be seen on the battlefield. They enslave devils as crafters and blacksmiths. After seeing the power of Kidoban elementals, they created their own archons.


Imps are the smallest, weakest of the Daekuma. They are used as cannon fodder in conflicts, and often as minor workers. They can possess weak souls such as sick or baby creatures and use the body. However, this limits some of their powers. Imps often swarm targets and attack using their sharp tail and teeth. They can use weak fire magic. Imps can see on the first two planes.


Foliot are stronger than imps, but still looked down upon by most of the Daekuma Empire. They are often used as trained soldiers and in rare occasions will even lead imps and lesser foliot into battle. They are larger than imps by about a foot. Foliot can possess most non-psionic creatures, however there some instances where a strong-willed person has resisted possession by foliot. They can handle most tools used by bipeds, however they prefer to use molten hellswords crafted by Daekuma blacksmiths. They can use some fire magic. Foliots can see on the first three planes.


Djinn have commanding power in the Daekuma Empire and are formidable warriors both with hellswords and strong fire magic. Djinn command assaults by the Daekuma, or occasionly fighting as a team commanded by a higher djinn. Djinn can possess any non-psionic creature, but most believe substantial beings lesser and won’t resort to such unless as a last resort. Djinn can change their form to look however they want. Their true forms are hidden on all but the seventh plane.


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